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5th October 2013


• P.7 candidates sit for PLE.
• Solar Eclipse attracts thousands to Uganda.
• Mighty Nursery School and Day care launched.
• School holds ecumenical prayer for P.7 candidates.
Detailed News
Over ten thousand Primary Seven candidates across the country began their Primary Leaving Examinations this week. Exams began on Monday 4th November and ended on Friday 5th November 2013. The candidates began with Mathematics and Social Studies on the first day then summed-up with Science and English on the second day.
Reports from the UNEB Secretary Mr. Mathew Bukenya, say that the whole process began successfully and ended peacefully. Our candidates from the Mighty School, however, said that the exams are generally fair and are so optimistic to produce the best results to keep the school banner high. “We have been attended to by a committee of team of teachers, who did their best to prepare us for PLE” said the candidates.
Teachers of the candidates also say they are hopeful and firm because they had done all what is required to prepare the candidates for exams.
Thousands of Ugandans and foreign Nationals fled to Pakwach, one of the districts of Uganda in west Nile to view the solar eclipse live. This occasion attracted such a large population because it had taken years since it occurred. H.E YK Museveni, the president of the Republic of Uganda was the chief guests, other guests including some ministers and Honourable Members from the Nineth Parliament of Uganda also attended.
It was indeed so interesting when different tourists and Ugandan natives enjoyed the live view of the solar eclipse. The URA benefited much from the foreign Nationals as the Pakwach natives fetched new and old currencies from the services they provided to the eclipse viewers.
Eclipse viewers
From school news, it was fun and enjoyment during the Grand Opening and launching of the Uniquest Nursery School and Day Care in the names of “SCOOBY DOO” on Sunday, 3rd of November, 2013 at the school campus in Kikajjo off Sseguku Katale Kasenge road.
Owek. Henry Ssekabembe opens Scooby Doo officially.
Owek. Henry Ssekabembe  with the children who finished their Nursery level cut the cake.
This is the only nursery school and day care which offers the best quality services better than any other Nursery schools around and beyond Uganda.
The school was officially launched and opened by Owek. Ssekabembe Henry, the minister for Youth Sports and Recreation Buganda Kingdom. During the launch, various activities and skills were displayed by different children who have already joined the school.

Directors; Mr. Kyewalabye Male David (L), Mrs. Kyewalabye Rose (R) with the guest of Honour, Owek. Henry Ssekabembe (C), extreme right is the Haedmistress Scooby Doo.
The pioneer parents to the pioneer children don’t regret having taken their children to Scooby Doo, because of the best facilities and services at the school.
Swimming is part of learning at Scooby Doo
Children showcase how Buganda womwen peel.

All the invited guests and well-wishers were at last served with a very delicious meal prepared by professional chefs from one of the International Hotels in Kampala.
 Delicious meal
It was indeed so interesting and much more can be found on our Website of Gombe Junior School ( / Scooby Doo Nursery and Day Care (
As a way of dedicating the P.7 candidates to God to attain divine wisdom, knowledge and understanding, the school, invited religious leaders of all religious aspects, parents and well-wishers, to an ecumenical prayer for the candidates and the entire school.

This was done as a way of Honouring God and putting him first for the best success in their Primary Leaving Examinations. The Board of Directors, Members of staff and the rest of the pupils presided over the function. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.
Tr. Aida Kivunja reading the bible
Religious leaders of various religious sects were invited.
Note: Vacancies in both schools are still available. Come and register with us before it is too late. “Ssosolye Bwatafa”.
NEWS 28th October 2013
Last week, we had serious studies and we revised with our subject teachers in preparation for Mid term examinations which we are going to write today on 28th October 2013 starting with Maths and SST.

The P.2 children had a practical lesson on weeding. They were taken to a potato plantation and started removing un wanted plants. They showed their teacher the un wanted plants got from the plantation. This shows that they learnt what they were taught by their class teacher.

On Friday, children had a match between themselves.

On Saturday, we had our Mini tests as usual and after lunch we went to the dinning hall where our TV set is stationed eagerly waiting for the match between Arsenal and Cristo Palace. Arsenal scored 2 goals to 1goal, this was followed by the second match between Manchester United and Stoke City and it ended in 3goals to 2goals respectively.

Director’s home P.7 Leavers’ Bash.
Sunday was a special day for the P.7 pioneer candidates when they had a surprise bash at the Director’s place. They left the school gate at 4:00pm and they used the school van to reach the place. They were received with a warm welcome at the Director’s home. After, they were served ice cream by the first lady Mrs. Kyewalabye.

They had a group photo with their teachers and another with the Directors.

The masters of ceremonies were Tr. Ambrose P.7 class teacher and Tr. David head of Department SST. Speeches were given, the first lady Mrs. Kyewalabye was asked to bless the occasion with an opening prayer and then after give her remarks encouraging the candidates to work hard.

Tr. Ambrose, their class teacher invited Gombe Timothy to give his remarks and in his speech, Gombe thanked his parents (the Directors) for starting up a school for him and in his name. He was also asked to invite the class chancellor Mugga Abu Adam.


Mugga also thanked the Directors for the wonderful vision of starting up Gombe Junior School and for taking good care of them.

This was followed by the hot song which made every one move to the dance floor.

The next speaker was Mr. Akampurira Boaz Deputy Head teacher Academic who encouraged the candidates to be strong and tackle the papers with confidence. This was followed by music.

Next was the head teacher who also encouraged the candidates to be strong since they are used to writing papers every day and on white papers. He also said that they are not the first people to sit for such exams neither are they the last. This wasn’t the case during their time where PLE was called white paper. He added that children at that time never had a chance of writing on very white paper like toady. This was accompanied by a simple music.

The head teacher invited the Director to give his remarks and in his speech, the Director encouraged the candidates to be confident and to continue being disciplined children which will portray the good image of the school. He also asked them to air out their likes and dislikes about the school, fortunately they only had likes about school for example the good feeding, accommodation, good care given to them by all the staff etc.

Lastly we had our dinner; it was the boys first on the line followed by the girls and staff. Every one got a whole fish with chips, salads and chicken. If you wanted, various drinks were served for example; soda for the case of children, wines and beer for the staff who wished to take such drinks. Doubling for food was allowed to those who wished to but no body doubled because what was served was just more than enough for all of us.

This was followed by 3 hot songs for the candidates to shake bones and one for the staff and there after we had to depart.


NEWS 24th October 2013.
Last week was a nice and interesting week. We had so many activities including the Visitation Day.
On Sunday, it was our visitation day. Parents started entering the school gate as early as 9:00am. Children were so excited and were eagerly waiting to receive their children parents. Some of the P7 like boys Fred, Billy, shafiq, Abbu and Acksum helped the ushering department to receive parents and carry for them luggage. Tabitha P.6 also helped in sending parents’ names to the MC for recognition upon their arrival. Thank you so much and please, keep it up.


The class teachers were in their major respective class rooms waiting for parents and indeed, they received them with a warm welcome. Parents were really happy because the performance was generally good across all classes.

On the same day, we had an Art Exhibition by primary one to primary three children. Their art pieces were good and it was hard for parents to believe that it’s the children who made them. Children also showed their parents their work that was posted on the school website. Furthermore email addresses were created for some of those who managed to take their parents to the computer Lab.

Local food and snacks were available at 12000/= per plate. This was done in order to abide by the regulation of ministry of Education and Sports which discourages carrying cooked food to school. Unfortunately, some parents decided to carry their own cooked food to school.

Some pupils wanted to double as they were served before their parents came. However when they came children convinced them that they had not yet had lunch and so parents bought for them food again. By the end of the day, all children had enjoyed to the maximum with their parents as they interacted with their teachers, matrons and administrators.

Unbelievable but true, “All activities that transpired on the Visitation were being covered by different journalists from respective media houses”.

We hosted journalists from Star TV, Bukedde TV and NTV, so as to reveal to the entire nation and world over a school that produces allround wholistic children.
You can have a live experience of what happened during the Visitation Day by tunning to Star TV this Sunday,27th October, 2013from 9:00am-11am prove and affirm the giant school.


14th October 2013 NEWS OF THE WEEK READ TO YOU BY Nyantiop Deborah P.6

First are the headlines
• Ugandans joyfully celebrate their country’s Independence.
• Gombe Junior School pupils sit for End of September Exams.
• Boarder children taken for swimming.
• Soccer Academy Team taught lessons by teachers.
The News in details
Ugandans across the country joyfully got involved in the memorial Independencecelebrations of their country on Wednesday 9th October.
Uganda celebrated her 51st Independence Anniversary on Wednesday in Rukingiri District under the theme “Reenergizing Uganda’s Development potential: Middle Income Status Achievable”.
Helga leading others in singing the National Anthem, Buganda Athem, School Anthem and prayer on the Assembly ground
  • During the celebrations, over 200 people received medals including Uganda’s Freedom Fighters, Heroes, Heroeins and Ex-fighters.
  • The UPDF ai forces also showed their aerobatics as the Land Forces tactfully paraded and matched at the Independence grounds in Rukungiri.
  • As a way of strengthening and achieving the academic goals and objectives of the school, pupils of Gombe Junior School sat for End of September Exams on Thursday 10th and Friday 11th October, 2013.


  • A report from the Academic office says, “The performance has been good and still shows greater room for improvement”
  • Pupils are therefore urged to carry out serious revision, as they prepare for Mid-term Exams, which are coming soon.As we sing in our school Anthem, that we are the giants, we need to work hard to keep the banner high.

  • Pupils are also advised to consult from their teachers and seek help in problem areas from their subject teachers.
  • As a school culture, Boaders are always taken for swimming to the “Uniquest” Nursery Campus in the name of “Scooby Doo”.
  • After enjoying a delicious lunch of chicken and Irish, the boarderswere taken for swimming, as a way of keeping their bodies physically fit and healthy
  • Assuredly, those who have not yet joined the Boarding section are missing a lot. Just come and join us to enjoy together.

  • In sports, it was so saddening and embarrassing, when the school soccer Academy Team was bathed with 4goals to one by their teachers with whom they had a match over the weekend.
  • Teachers stood to defend their title of being teachers by teaching them the skills of football through scoring goals like rain.
  • However, they advised the soccer Academy team not to lose hope, since they were just teaching them a lesson. Old age is wisdom out of experience.

  • Lastly from the language doctor, “Using English as a medium of communication and Instruction is the best solution to passing Exams with Flying colours.
For God and our School.
“ssosolye bwatafa”

7th October 2013.

First are the Headlines.
  • P.7 candidates meet minister of Education and Hourable Members of Parliament
  • Birthday celebrities enjoy with funs.
  • Soccer Academy team hits P.7 7 goals to 1
  • Teacher Robbed.
It was so colourful and enjoyable on Sunday last week, when our P.7 candidates met and shared ideas with the Honourable minister for Education, Games and Sports. Hon. Jesca Alupo, during the visit to St. Lawrence Senior Secondary School Main Campus, following a special invitation to their Annual Multiple Show.
In their speech with the Hounarable Minister, the candidates promised to get aggregate 4 each.
Minister of Education and Sports
On the same occasion, the candidates also shook hands with the Minister of Finance, Hon. Amelia Kyambadde together with Gen. Eli Tumwine, the commander of Land Forces in UPDF.

The headmaster, some teachers like Mr. Kagezi, Mr. Wabuche and Tr. Ambrose from our giant school accompanied the candidates to and fro St. Lawrence schools’ Annual Multiple Show celebrations.
Skills like parading, Modeling, Fashion shows, Music Dance and Drama were exhibited during the show.
At the end of the show, our candidates, Head teacher and teachers who went, took a group photo with the minister of Education and Sports to keep memories.
News from the school, pupils and some teachers enjoyed to their maximum with drinks, edibles and birthdays cakes as some of our young academicians celebrated their Birthdays.
Venu Ketwiga of P.5 with her twin sister Vanessa Kengingo of P7 joyfully celebrated their Birthday as they turned 13 on Thursday 3rd.
Venus and Vanessa

In the same mood, Gombe Timothy, one of our prominent and promising candidates, also celebrated his Birthday on Tuesday, as he also turned 13. A lot of drinks and edibles were enjoyed by the funs and some teachers, as they swallowed the Birthday cake.
Timothy and his two brothers

The chief guest, of the above two functions, was the Headmaster of this Giant school
Sekitoleko Zake Head teacher
In sports, the soccer Academy team gave P.7 candidates a bloody nose when they showered them seven goals to one. It was so interesting but shocking on the side of candidates.
However, the candidates tried to console themselves by saying that; the defeat was as a result of too much work from teachers who don’t give them any breathing space.
Children preparing for sports
Children moving out for sports
George Thon controlling the ball
Lastly, in local news one of our teachers was shocked, when she came back from her flight to Namungoona, and found, when thieves had broken into her house, and carried away all her property.
We pray that God helps our teacher to replace whatever was taken.
That’s the news for today
News of the week 1st October 2013
From the lovely welcome back to school, we are now focused on for promotional merit in class. All teaching staff well equipped to facilitate learning with different tactics to excel.
It’s comedy this time, P.7 teachers are on the run the Headmaster inclusive for lessons. The candidates are facing it hot because pressure has risen. They are nolonger attending assemblies neither do they go for sports.
Children on the Assembly

Last week’s sports was fun when Boarders Vs Day scholars and boarders beat the day scholars 3:1. How could the day scholars look it the boarders had the so likes of Mugga, Luyima, Maxwell, Acksum, Tom and George Vs the superstars of MukasaBenedict and Messi. That’s how the school is thrilling but it’s a pitty and total shame that discipline is not depicting the giancy we treasure in our school.
Plyers pose for a photo

Discipline has become a routine talk by every teacher on duty, matrons, cooks and amongst ourselves. In the school’s prayer we ask God to discourage all the sins we commit and encourage all that is good conduct. Honouring all the advice given to us by teachers and portraying what the school’s prayer says shall lighten the giancy in us within and beyond Gombe Junior School.
Staff mebers

Note carefully it had been noted that vernacular speaking had become a song on everybody’s mouth. This is to sound a warning to whoever has been a victim of vernacular that cards for vernacular speakers have been designed and are already in circulation. Should your name appear you will face the school disciplinary committee for disciplinary action.
We ought to research more about giancy.


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