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20th October, 2014
News headlines
Serious studying is ongoing
• P.7 candidates ready for PLE
• Tendo Vianne’s birthday celebration
• Developments in the IT department at GOJUS
• City tycoon Kasiwukira dead
• Prominent scholar Professor Ali Mazrui dead
• Children enjoy their PE lesson on Friday
News in details
Serious studying is ongoing as pupils prepare for their midterm exams. All children from P.1-P.6 are seriously preparing for their midterm exams which will be sat for next week. The teachers are seriously revising with them.

Similarly, the P.7 candidates are also well prepared as they are drawing near their PLE Exams. These candidates have less than ten days to sit for their exams and according to an interview I had with them, they said they are more than ready for PLE since they have been writing different papers every after two days.

The IT department of Gombe Junior School has been empowered with more computers. These were put in classrooms for teachers’ use when setting work for children. This has eased the work of the secretary as most of the work is typed by teachers themselves and only taken to the secretary for printing. Similarly, the IT manager was given a brand new computer with a very large screen to replace the one she has been using. Appreciation goes to the Directors for the support given to the IT department.

Tendo Vianne celebrated his birthday here at school with all his classmates together with his mother and auntie. The party was organized at the assembly ground and it was indeed colourful. All his friends were dressed in birthday capes and most of them were given whistles to blow for the birthday boy. A cake and the drinks were served to all the members who attended the party.

On Friday, 17th October, 2014, all children from P.1-P.7 were taken to our playground for a Physical Education lesson, they all enjoyed to the extent that they never wanted to leave the playground.

Police have started a hunt for a vehicle that knocked a city businessman Eria Sebunnya Bugembe, popularly known as Kasiwukira on Friday morning after their on-scene investigations pointed at intentional run over.
Mr. Sebunnya was knocked by a vehicle in Muyenga, Kampala suburb, as he was jogging near his home. The car sped off after the incident.
Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesman, Mr. Patrick Onyango, said they first thought that it was a hit and run incident but after talking to people residing near where the incident happened, they got more information that suggest the incident was intentional.

Ali Al'amin Mazrui died on 12th October, 2014, he was an academic professor, and political writer on African and Islamic studies and North-South relations. He was born in Mombasa, Kenya. He was an Albert Schweitzer Professor in the Humanities and the Director of the Institute of Global Cultural Studies at Binghamton University in Binghamton, New York.

16th October, 2014.
Togo beat Uganda Cranes by 1 goal to nil.

13th October, 2014
News read to you by Nyanuer Linda Gatwech from P.6

News headlines

• Independence celebrations held
• P.7 candidates went for shopping
• Debate competition held between P.7 candidates from Gombe Junior School and those from Kikajjo Parents’ School
• Quiz competition held
• Football competition held
• Uganda Cranes vs. Togo
News in details
On Thursday, 9th October, 2014 Uganda celebrated her 52nd Independence at Kololo Airstrip. The Chief Guest was His Excellence the president of the Republic of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museni.

President Paul Kagame of Rwanda and other groups of people like the ministers, politicians, the Uganda police, Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF), prison officers and other ordinary Ugandans attended the function. These were entertained by different groups of musicians and dancers.

President Paul Kagame charting with one of the guests.

One of the groups that entertained guests at Kololo Airstrip.

It was on the same day when the P.7 candidates were taken to a trade exhibition show organized by the Uganda Manufacturers’ Association (UMA) at Lugogo. These were given some money by the Directors to do their own shopping and this was one way of refreshing their minds from academic work.

The P.7 candidates from Gombe Junior School had a friendly debate with the P.7 candidates from Kikajjo Parents’ School. The motion was “Environmental Degradation Has Greatly Hindered Uganda’s Development”. Kikajjo Parents’ School proposed the motion while Gombe Junior School opposed it and the proposers emerged winners of the debate.

The Chair person in the midlle, the secretary on the left and the time keeper on the right singing the anthems.

Honourables from both schools airing out their views.

Similarly, Gombe Junior School had a quiz in all the four subjects that is Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, and English. Participation per question was on personal basis not as a school and each correct answer fetched 5 marks for the school, two marks were given as bonus for answering another school’s question, and then 0 for failure. Candidates from Gombe Junior School emerged the winners for the quiz with 90 marks while their counterparts got only 17 marks.

The Mathematics quiz was held first followed by Social Studies, Science and then English came last.

In addition to that, a football competition was also held on the same day between candidates from Gombe Junior School and those from Kikajjo Parents’ School. Gombe Junior School got 3 goals in the first half and 1 in the 2nd half while Kikajjo Parents’ School got nil in both halves thus making Gombe Junior School to emerge victors of this competition.

Gombe Junior School goal keeper Lubega Collins steady in the goal post.

On Saturday, 12th October, 2014, Uganda Cranes had a match with Togo at Nambole Stadium and the match ended in 1 goal for Togo and nil for Uganda Cranes. This was a disappointment to most Ugandans including some of our teachers who went to support Uganda Cranes with high expectations of winning the match.

This is all we had for you. God bless you.
“Ssosolye Bwatafa”

10th October,2014
As Ugandans were celebrating the 52nd Independence Day, the P.7 candidates, were taken to the Trade Exhibition Show at Lugogo for shopping as a way of refreshing their minds from academic work. These were accompanied by their teachers Mr. Nabaasa Ambrose, Mr. Achonga Peter, Mr. Kasumba Jackson, Mr. Kagezi Francis and Ms. Nakaggwa Eugene.

6th October, 2014
News headlines
End of September exams written
• Successful Visitation Day held
• Candidates on serious drills with their teachers
• Sports news
The News in Details
As the school was preparing to host parents on Visitation Day of 5th October, 2014, to check on their children’s welfare and academics, pupils from P.1-P.7 were subjected to End of September Exams which were written on Monday 29th and Tuesday 30th of September, 2014.
Maths and SST were written on Monday while English and Science were written on Tuesday in the morning and afternoon respectively.

Reports from the academic office say it was an average performance and so, all pupils are urged to double their efforts in all subject areas as a way of preparing to pass the End of Term III promotional Exams. Pupils who will not have attained the required promotional aggregates will be made to repeat that class or try elsewhere.

As a way of giving courage to outstanding learners, the names, photographs and positions of the first five best performers in the recently done, End of September Exams in each class were pinned on the school notice board and all classrooms. Other pupils are therefore encouraged to work harder so as to have their names and photos publicized in the whole school.

Click on the link to see the list of five best performers per class.

Yesterday, Sunday, 5th October was our Mega Visitation Day where quite a big number of parents turned up to check on the welfare and academic performance of their children.
Parents came in big numbers and this made the day very colourful and interesting. Children who were visited were seen enjoying delicious meals and tasty beverages together with their parents joyfully.

Much as these children enjoyed their delicious meals, most of their parents were not very happy with their performance in academics. They therefore urged their children to work harder in order to attain promotion to the next classes.

As attacking is the best way of defending, candidates, with the help of their teachers, are seriously conquering all kinds of PLE questions in order to get the best approach to pass their PLE with flying colours. The recent results show that the P.7 team is doing a commendable job to put our school among the National Top Schools. Our candidates are therefore, urged to do their best, to produce the best results come PLE.

In premiership sports, Chelsea beat Arsenal by 2 goals to nil, Manchester United beat Everton by 1 goal to nil and Liverpool beat West Bromwich by 1 goal to nil.
That’s what we had for you.
“Ssosolye Bwatafa”

22nd September, 2014
News read to you by Nabukenya Kyolaba Jordana P.5.

News headlines
End of September examination preparations ongoing.
Joint physical education lesson held
Day scholars go for swimming
Soccer academy members continue with their drills.
Hon. Ruhakana Rugunda appointed as new Prime Minister
Premier league sports

News in details
As we draw close the end of the month, preparations for end of September exams are going on both on the side of the learners and their teachers.
Pretty K leading others in the anthems.

On Friday, 19th September, 2014, we held a Joint Physical Education lesson (PE) in term III 2014. All children were grouped according to their sizes and taken to our playground for a PE lesson. Every child enjoyed to the extent that they never wanted to leave the playground at the time of departure.

The day scholars, who carried their swimming costumes, were also taken for swimming on Saturday after lunch. They all swam and enjoyed the cool waters of their pool. This was done with the help of their teacher in charge of swimming Mr. Nabaasa Ambrose.

Soccer academy members still continued with their drills on Saturday and Sunday, this was done with the help of their coaches Ssebaggala Ronald and Kabali Michael. This is always done at the schools playground every Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

The president of the Republic of Uganda appointed a new Prime Minister who is none other done Hon. Ruhakana Rugunda who has been working as Minister of Health. We congratulate him upon that great achievement. Hon. Ruhakana Rugunda has succeeded Hon. Amama Mbabazi.

In premiership sports, different matches were played over the weekend and the results are as follows;
Arsenal beat Aston Villa by 3 goals to nil.
West Harm beat Liver pool by 3 goals to 1.
Chrystal Palace beat Everton by 3 goals to 2.
Leicester City beat Manchester United by 5 goals to 3.
Chelsea had a match with Manchester City and it in 1 to 1 draw.
That is all we had for you.
“Ssosolye Bwatafa”

15th September,2014
News read to you by Awan David P.6.

News headlines
Serious studying is still ongoing
First debate in term III held
First Maths quiz held
Dancing competitions held between girls and boys
Soccer academy team on serious drills
Different matches played over the weekend

The news in details
Serious studying is ongoing at the school and all children are focused as this is a promotional term. They are all working hard in order to be promoted to the next class.

On Thursday, 11th September, 2014, we held the first debate in term III from 4:00-5:00pm. The motion was boarding schools are better than day schools. Girls supported the motion and the boys opposed it. Debating is important because it builds confidence amongst the children since they are the future leaders of tomorrow. Those on the opposing side (boys) won the debate.

Jordana was one of the proposers.

Similarly, we held the first Maths quiz in term III. The quiz was between girls versus boys and it majorly focused on mental work. The girls won the quiz.

Dancing competitions were also held yesterday evening and it was on a class basis. The competitions aimed at getting the best dancers per class both girls and boys. The best dancers are as follows;
In P.1, Amber Grace Kayiwa was best amongst girls and Deng Gum was the best amongst the boys.

Namutebi Shanitah best dancer amongst the P.2 girls and Monday Emmanuel best dancer amongst P.2 boys.
In P.6 Nyanuer Linda Gatwech was best dancer amongst girls and Kato Sean was the best amongst the boys.
In P.7 Zam Latifa was the best amongst girls and Lugemwa Baker was the best amongst the boys.
Other classes didn’t participate because of time but they will next weekend.

The soccer academy members as usual were on serious drills over the weekend. This was done with the help of Coach Ssebaggala Ronald and Coach Kabali Michael; games master Tr. Turyahabwe Elly and some of the teachers.

Under twelve

under fourteen

Different matches were played over the weekend in the premier league and the results are as follows;

Manchester City played with Arsenal and the match ended in a draw of 2 goals.
Chelsea beat Swansea by 4 goals to 2.
Manchester United beat Queen Pack Rangers by 4 goals to nil.
Southampton beat New Castle by 3 goals to nil.
Aston Villa beat Liverpool by 1 goal to nil.
"Ssosolye Bwatafa"

11th September, 2014.
P.3 children learnt about culture and one of their classmates Nabateregga Mary was dressed in a Kiganda traditional wear ("gomesi") and one of their teachers Jesca was dressed in a Kinyankole traditional wear("omushanana") as seen in the photos below.

In sports, Uganda Cranes beat Guinea by 2 goals to nil at Mandela National Stadium.

Ugandans cheering.

8th September, 2014.
News headlines
First General Assembly
Serious studying is ongoing
Alinanye Tracy’s birthday held
A match between Uganda Cranes and Ghana
News in details
Today we have had our first General Assembly this morning and children have been briefed on the dos and don’ts during this term. The P.7 candidates have been excluded from this assembly today due to serious academic drills which is ongoing in their class.

The Head Teacher introducing some of the new entrants to their fellow children.

Children reported for term III studies on Sunday 31st August, 2014 and Monday 1st September, 2014 both boarding and day scholars respectively. Serious studying is ongoing across all classes, pupils from Primary one to Primary six wrote their Saturday exams as usual. The P.7 candidates are being tested in different papers almost everyday. Children are generally serious and focused in this promotional term.

Alinanye Tracy celebrated her birthday on Saturday 6th September, 2014 with all her classmates, her teachers together with her mother and auntie. The cake was cut and drinks were served to the members who attended the party.

Alinanye Tracy cutting the cake with her mother, class teacher, little brother and friends.

In sports, Uganda Cranes played with Ghana on Saturday 6th September, 2014 and the match ended in a 1 to 1 draw.

The soccer academy team was also in serious drills on Saturday and Sunday as usual despite the cold weather.

That is all we had for you today thanks.
“Ssosolye Bwatafa”.

4th September, 2014
Children have had their first morning parade in Term III 2014. This parade helps us to check for the hygiene and children's smartness.

The Head Teacher addressing the children.

1st September, 2014
News headlines
Teachers are well prepared to receive children.
Children report back for Term III studies

News in details
Teachers prepared themselves very well as they waited to receive parents yesterday Sunday, 31st August, 2014.

Teachers waiting for parents.
Children in boarding reported back yesterday Sunday, 31st August, 2014 for Term III studies. It was a cool day and parents turned up in big numbers despite the heavy downfall.

Parents clearing with the school Bursar.

Tr. Eugene responding to Esther's mother.
Similarly, day scholars have also reported and are still reporting today Monday, 1st September, 2014. We thank parents who have already returned their children to school and we encourage all other parents who have not yet returned their children to school to do so because academic work for Term III has already started.

We welcome you back for Term III studies. God bless you.
“Ssosolye Bwatafa”

25th August, 2014

Dear parents, this is to remind you that children are reporting back to school on Sunday 31st August, 2014 and  Monday 1st September, 2014 both boarders and day scholars respectively. Reporting will start at 8:00AM and end at 5:00PM strictly.
No child will be allowed in the school without a medical form, required personal effects and a fully paidin bankslip.
Management Gombe Junior School.
"Ssosolye Bwatafa".

11th August, 2014.
Nigeria became the latest country to declare a national emergency over the deadly Ebola virus on Friday, as the World Health Organisation called the epidemic that has claimed nearly 1,000 lives a global health crisis.

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan ordered the immediate release of 1.9 billion naira ($11.7 million, 8.7 million euros) to fund the fight against the disease as Africa's most populous nation confirmed two more Ebola cases, bringing the total number of infections to nine -- including two deaths.
We pray for our dear sisters and brothers in Nigeria. We also pray for God's protection upon the lives of the people in the World especially the African continent.

7th August, 2014.
According to the biological clock, many women will have summed up their menstrual cycle when they are about 45-55 years old. However, for 65-year-old Christine Nsubuga and her hubby Samuel Sekyembe, 67, that is just another scientific idea. After over 40 years in marriage without children, the couple– residents of the UK – were last Sunday celebrating their twins’ baptism at their home church in Namasuba Kikajjo, Wakiso.

The couple pose for a group photo with their twin daughters.

4th August, 2014.

News Headlines
P.7 Candidates sit for District Mocks
Kipsiro sets World record in the Commonwealth Games.

The News in Details
On Thursday and Friday, our P.7 candidates sat for Wakiso District Mocks. They wrote Mathematics and Social Studies on Thursday followed by English and Science in the morning and afternoon respectively. The exams were strictly monitored by the invigilators and subject supervisors in line with UNEB standards. The District Inspector of Schools also came and went around the rooms where the candidates were writing exams from.

The scripts were then collected, sealed and taken back to the district for making and compilation of results.
The results are being waited for and we shall still inform you on how our candidates will have performed.

In sports, Moses Kipsiro a competent Ugandan Athlete won another gold medal in 10,000M race recently held in Gaslow.
He has been the defending champion of the race and has still set a world record by winning another gold medal.

“Ssosolye Bwatafa”

1st August, 2014

Kampala Capital City Authority - KCCA's Executive Director, Jennifer Musisi has today announced that the Kampala City Festival slated for 5th October, 2014 will see the city host over 1 million people at ‪‎TheBiggestStreetPartyInEastAfrica‬.
With the theme ‘For the love of Kampala’ the Kampala City Festival 2014 provides a platform for us to celebrate a lot about Kampala and many fasts which define Kampala apart from other cities.
“The Kampala City Festival has become a household name and part of our country’s national calendar during independence celebrations. The festival has been evolving over the years from a small city event in 2011 to a much bigger regional activity. We are pleased to unveil the biggest street party ever in the East African region,” said Musisi.

31st July, 2014
News Headlines
Children’s End of Term Party
Term II ends peacefully
Mr. Party Festival Held
Idd Celebrations

The news in details
On Thursday 24th July, Children who participated in the recently concluded MDD Festival were taken out for a party to appreciate them for their efforts during that period and also encourage them as they crown up the term in style.

Besides Lion house (Orange), which took the trophy and a goat after winning the competitions, children from the other three houses like Zebra, Tiger and Rhino were all taken to the party.

While at the party, they were served with chips, chicken and refreshments accompanied with vegetable salads. Children also swam in the pool as they danced to the rhythms of the music that was played for them.

The outstanding competitors were given individual gifts to recognize their tremendous inputs in their respective houses. These gifts were handed to them by the Assistant Deputy HM Administration, Mr. Wabuche Johnson Paul, who represented the Headmaster. In his speech, Mr. Wabuche thanked the Directors for their support in funding all school functions like such parties.

The school officially closed for Second term holidays on Friday, 25th July, 2014.This was precede with End of Term Examinations which were thoroughly revised for by the pupils and yielded good results from them.

On Saturday, 26th July, 2014, some up-coming artists from our school were taken to a Music Festival, organized by Mr. Party to explore their talents in music. This festival was aimed at identifying potential youngerstars in the music industry. Judith Kobugabe and Tracy Nambalirwa of P.5 represented the school with very good hits which enabled our school to emerge the second among the ten schools that participated. They were also accompanied by some good dancers who showed very good dancing skills as they danced to their music. They were given a certificate of participation in recognition of their good performance. The performance was done from Sanida Gardens along Nateete Kikajjo Road where they were covered by different media houses. Click on the link to view the certificate.

The Moslem community celebrated Idd Elfitir to end the fasting period during the month of Ramadhan. Muslim children at school were well cared for during this period while at school. We thank the Directors for appreciating diversity in our school.

22nd July, 2014.

Kyolaba Jordana celebrated her 10th birthday in class with all her classmates together with her parents. In her speech, she thanked her parents for organizing for her such a nice function. Cakes and drinks were served to all members who attended the party. We also thank parents for honouring their daughter's birthday.

Children are writing their end of term II examinations, they started yesterday with Mathematics in the morning then SST in the afternoon. Today, they have had Science in the morning and English will done in the afternoon.

We have children's party on Thursday 24th July, 2014 here at the school compass. Those with outstanding performance during the MDD festival will be awarded for performing well.

We are getting our holidays on Friday 25th July, 2014 starting at 8:00 AM.

Our compound is now very beautiful after filling it with pavers, this has increased on its cleanliness.

14th July,2014

Today’s news is read to you by AjohnTabitha

Mbatudde Bashirah celebrated her 9th birthday in class with all her classmates, cakes and drinks were served to all the members who attended the party. The birthday girl received a toy guitar from her parents as a gift for her birthday and for being a good girl.

Similarly, Kawuki Wyclif also celebrated his 13th birthday in class with all his classmates. Cakes and drinks were served to all members and everyone who attended the party.

On Friday 11th July, 2014, Gombe Junior School staff members had a friendly match with the corporates from Buganda Land Board (BLB) at Old Kampala Secondary School playground. The first half ended in a nil draw and in the second half the corporates beat Gombe Junior School staff members by 2 goals to 1.

Female staff members from Gombe Junior School played with female staff from Buganda Land Board. Gombe Junior School beat the female corporates from Buganda Land Board by 19 goals to 17.

Female team from Gombe Junior School

Gombe Junior School female staff in white VS. female corporates from Buganda Land Board.
We congratulate male corporates from Buganda Land Board upon the victory attained and also the female staff members from Gombe Junior School for that achievement.

In World Cup Sports, finals were played yesterday between Germany and Argentina; Germany beat Argentina by 1 goal to nil in the extra time making Germany the Trophy winners in the 2014 World Cup competitions.

10th July, 2014

Yesterday our sisters and brothers from South Sudan celebrated their 3rd  Independence here at our school playground. They were all excited and happy because Ugandans including the school administrators joined them in their celebrations.

Different matches were played as a way of entertainment that is a match between South Sudanese pupils and Ugandan pupils under 14. The South Sudanese beat Ugandans by 2 goals to nil. This caused excitement amongst the South Sudanese.

Ugandan team under 14.

South Sudanese team pose for a group photo.

South Sudanese boys of 16 years played with staff members and the staff beat them by 4 goals to 1. The Head Teacher joined the South Sudanese and played as their defender.

The Head Teacher in red shoes pose for a group photo with South Sudanese.

  Staff team

Staff members in green with South Sudanese in yellow pose for a group photo

The girls too played netball between South Sudanese pupils and Ugandans. The South Sudanese beat Ugandans by 6 goals to 3.

Nantongo Joyce from Uganda with the ball.

In World Cup Sports, Argentina beat Netherlands by 4 goals to 2 and these were scored in penalties.

Tomorrow, Gombe Junior School staff members will have a match with the corporates from Buganda Land Board (BLB) at  Old Kampala Secondary School playground.

9th July,2014.

In World Cup sports, Germany beat Brazil by 7 goals to 1. Brazil is now in the 4th position.

7th July, 2014

Today’s news is read to you by Odrangwa Michael

News head lines
Serious drills in academics
Prayers in the school
Goat roasting by Orange Colour
World Cup sports

News in details
Serious studies are ongoing as children and teachers prepare for the forth-coming end of term examinations. Teachers are carrying out serious drills in lower class work to enable their children excel in exams.

Every Friday at 12:00pm all children gather in their respective places of worship because they are all given freedom of worship. That is the Anglicans, Catholics, Born Agains Seventh Day Adventists and the Moslems. We thank our sisters and brothers from the Moslem community who have managed to fast in this month of Ramadan. We also thank the school administration for supporting them financially.

Moslems ready for prayers.

Catholics in prayers

Anglicans having their prayers.

Born agains in their prayers.

Seventh day adventists listening to their teacher.

The house that emerged victorious in the recently completed Inter-House MDD Competitions celebrated their victory on Saturday 5th July, 2014 at Scooby-Doo Daycare and Nursery School beside the swimming pool. This was the day when they roasted the goat which was given to them for emerging victorious on 29th June, 2014.

Orange members preparing for their journey to Scooby-Doo Daycare and Nursery School.

Orange members swimming at Scooby-Doo.

The Head Teacher, Assistant Deputy Administration, Head of Department MDD, teachers and support staff in Orange house were all present at the party. Only children in Orange were taken to enjoy out of their great effort which enabled them win. Awards were given to those with outstanding performances.

In his speech, the Head Teacher congratulated the Orange members upon their victory and encouraged them to keep up the spirit and commitment. He also thanked the Directors for their support rendered in all the MDD activities and for financing Orange members in particular for winning in the MDD competitions.

In World Cup sports, Argentina beat Belgium by 1 goal to nil; Netherlands beat Costalica in penalties by 4 goals to 3.

"Ssosolye bwatafa"

5th July, 2014

Today we have goat roasting at Scooby-Doo Daycare and Nursery School by Orange colour the winner of MDD Inter-Colour competition.

30th June, 2014.

News head lines
Serious studying ongoing
Ronah celebrates her 12th birthday
Rev. Fr. Visits the school
MDD Inter-Colour competitions held.
News in details
Children are seriously studying after ending the MDD session yesterday where Orange the emerged winner of the competitions.

Muhairwe Ronah held her 12th birthday on Wednesday, 25th June, 2014 with all her classmates. Cakes and drinks were in plenty and were served to everyone who attended the party. In her speech, she thanked all her classmates for attending the party and asked God to bless them abundantly.

On Thursday 26th June, 2014, Rev. Fr. Joseph Male Musajja Jjagenda from Kyengera Parish visited our school and conducted a holy mass and all children in the catholic community attended. In his speech, he advised us to avoid sin because it leads to death, and once someone is addicted to sin, it becomes so hard for that person to stop that act. “Children should do away with bad acts like disobedience, stealing cheating”, etc. In addition, he encouraged children to learn all the Ten Commandments in their respective order and live by them.

MDD Inter-Colour competitions were held yesterday at the school campus. Various items were presented from all the four colours; they started with the western choral composition, followed by sight singing, drama, creative dance, instrumental composition, poems, original African song style, Uganda Traditional folk song, mimes and Uganda traditional folk dance.

Creative dance for different colours.

The function was presided over by Mr. Andrew Benon Kibuuka the President of the Federation of performing Artists of Uganda and the Vice President Kato Lubwama MP to be. He thanked the Head Teacher for entrusting him as the chief guest on such an occasion, thanked the Directors for the good plans of setting up such a nice school and also the parents for entrusting the school with their children and for honouring the invitation to attend the MDD day.

The Head Teacher and the Guests Mr. Andrew Benon Kibuuka (Guest of Honour centre) and Mr. Kato Lubwama.

In his speech, he advised parents to encourage children and support them in developing their talents. MDD used to be undervalued during those days but now it’s one of the most respected sectors in the country because quite a lot of people have become prosperous and famous through music. Similarly, Mr. Kato Lubwama advised parents to educate their children and support their talents as well.

Certificates were awarded and quite a number of children were given different certificates for example for being the best actor, best actress, overall house in the poem which was Orange, overall house in the dance which was Red etc.

Joseph receiving his certificate for being the best dancer.

Titus receiving his certificate for being the best actor.

Results were announced by the adjudicators and the best was colour was Orange which was followed by Blue, Red and then Yellow in the fourth position. Orange was given a goat and a big trophy since it was the best colour, Blue was awarded with a small trophy for taking the 2nd position.


Results were read starting with the last house and this caused excitement amongst the orange members since reading them last with the biggest total marks made them extremely excited and the whole compound was just filled up with people dressed in orange colour T-shirts as if other colours had been dismissed from school.

The Directors Mr. and Mrs. Kyewalabye Male in their speech, thanked all the parents for entrusting them with their children and for honouring the invitation to come and attend the MDD festival. The school is an all-round one where we have different talents promoted be it in academics, sports, MDD etc. therefore parents are encouraged to bring more children because some classes have already stopped admitting new entrants since the required numbers per class have been got.

"Ssosolye bwatafa"

23rd June, 2014
News headlines

• MDD practices still ongoing
• Dawa’s birthday celebrations
• 6 children represent the school in Mathematics contest paper II
• Holy mass to be held
• Staff match between Gombe Junior School St. Peters Kyengera.
• Children’s match between Gombe Junior School and St. Peters.
• Staff match between Gombe Junior School and corporates
• World Cup
News in details
As we are preparing ourselves for the MDD competitions day which is scheduled for Sun 29th June, 2014, serious training is ongoing in various colours and it’s done under the guidance of the trainers. We therefore remind our dear parents not to dare miss this music festival come Sunday 29th June, 2014. You are all welcome.

Dawa Kolida of Primary Six celebrated her12th birthday in her class together with her sisters, brothers classmates and all the well-wishers. It was celebrated in style where her mum also attended. A variety of eats such as cookies, sweets biscuits etc. were served. Refreshments were in plenty.

On Saturday, 21st June, 2014 six children represented our school in Maths contest paper II which was held at Makerere University in the physics lab. These included Mbogo mark of P.7R, Gai Gatwech P.7R, Choung Gatwech from Primary Six, Awan David P.6, Kang Andrew P.7H and Nyantiop Deborah P.7R. These were accompanied by the Head of Department Mathematics Mr. Warugaba Peter, and IT Manager Ms. Namatovu Catherine

Gombe Junior School will host Rev. Fr. Joseph Male Musajja Jjagenda from Kyengera Parish on Thursday 26th June, 2014, who is coming to conduct a Holy mass at the school campus. The function will start at 8:00am and all the entire Catholic community from Gombe Junior School will attend this function.

Children on the assembly.

In sports, various friendly matches were played over the weekend. These are aiming at equipping ourselves with more skill in football. Gombe Junior School staff members and staff from St. Peters Primary School. The match ended 2:1 in favour of St. Peters Primary School.

Gombe Junior School Staff members in a blue jersey and those of St. Peters Primary School in a red jersey.

This was followed by matches for children between Gombe Junior School and St. Peters Primary School for both under 14 and under 16. The match for under 14 ended in 4 goals for St. Peters to 2

In addition, the big boys also played a match with those of St. Peters Primary School. St. Peters Primary School beat Gombe Junior School by 2 goals to 1.

Sunday 22nd June, 2014, Gombe Junior School staff members had a friendly match with corporates residing in the area from various organizations. It was really fun because both teams were very strong. In the 1st half, the match ended in a 1 to 1 draw and in second half, the corporates scored 2 more goals making it a 3:1 win in favour of the corporates. After the match, the corporates were led by the Head Teacher, Director and some staff members to tour the school premises.

Gombe Junior School Staff team.

The corporate team getting refreshments.

In World Cup, Belgium beat Russia by 1 goal to 0, Algeria beat South Korea by 4 goals to 2, and the match between USA and Portugal ended in a draw of 2 to 2 goals.

20th June, 2014.

The MDD Inter-House competitions will be held on Sunday 29th June, 2014 at the school, come and enjoy what our children have prepared for you. Don't miss dances like Orunyege, larakaraka dance, Kitagururo, Kisoga dance and other items which will be presented to you on that day. We welcome you all.

19th June, 2014.

Yesterday 19th June, 2014 we had the first  Inter-House MDD Rehearsals where Oranged emerged the winner, followed by Blue, Yellow then Red.

Below are some of the items which were presented yesterday.

Lunyege dance for Red colour.


17th June, 2014.

News Headlines.

MDD inter-colour training ongoing
Serious studying ongoing
Birthday celebrations held at school
Gombe Junior School plays a friendly match with New ABC Devine Mutundwe.
World Cup starts on 12th /06/2014

The News in details.

MDD inter-colour training is still ongoing with the help of our trainers hired by school. Children are interested in the training because every house is working towards winning the goat.

Serious studying is ongoing at the school as children prepare for midterm II exams. Mini-tests are done every Saturday, morning work and lunch hour are also done on a daily basis. This is all done to prepare ourselves for the exams.

Birthday celebrations held at the school campus. Nambalirwa Tracy of P.5 H together with her sister Nakayima Patricia of P.2 celebrated their birthdays yesterday 15th June, 2014 at school where they invited all their friends, classmates and their class teachers. Tracy made 10years while her sister Patricia turned 7. The cake and the drinks were served to all the members who attended.

In addition, Namutebi Eleanor of P.1R also celebrated her birthday yesterday where she invited all her classmates and her class teacher. She also served the cake and sodas to all the members who attended the party. This was Eleanor’s seventh birthday celebration. Thanks be to God who has given all these people the gift of life.

World Cup started last week on Thursday 12th /06/2014, it started with a match between Brazil and Croatia where Brazil won Croatia by 3 goals to 1.

Gombe Junior School had a friendly match yesterday where it played with New ABC Devine Mutundwe both under twelve and open. Both teams started with jogging and thereafter, the match of those under 12 started. New ABC beat Gombe Junior School by 3 goals to nil under 12, and under open match, Gombe Junior was defeated by 3 goals to 1.

The school team under 12 pose for a group photo with coach Ronald Ssebagala Kaweesa and coach Kabali Michael.

Gombe Junior School coach addressing both teams before the match started.

14th June, 2014

Yesterday World Cup matches, Mexico won Cameroon by 1 goal to nil, Chile won Australia by 3 goals to 1 and Netherlands won Spain by 5 goals to 1.

13th /06/2014

The World Cup started yesterday 12th June, 2014 at 11:00pm, it started with a match between Brazil and Croatia.

Brazil won Croatia by 3 goals to 1 and both teams are in group A.

10th /06/2014


.MDD completion preparations on going
.Visitation day so colourful
.Classroom environment so tremendous
.Birthday celebrants enjoy with colleagues
.Soccer academy drills on going

House Martials and their children are undergoing serious MDD training as they prepare for the Inter-house/colour MDD competitions due to take place on the 29th of June, 2014. Trainers are always on board to carry on serious training in the four different houses i.e. Orange, Blue, Yellow and Red in the selected items to be presented come 29th June.

Children train for instrumental.

The MDD department through their head wish to express their sincere thanks and gratitude to the directors for their support by facilitating all the trainers’ labour, transport, purchases of music instruments and requirements that have eased the training process. May the good Lord reward them abundantly.

Sunday, 8th June was visitation day at the Mighty School. Parents responded very positively and came to check on the academics, welfare and health of their children. The professional members of staff welcomed the parents very well as they were smartly clad in suits for both male and females. Great thanks go to the Directors still, for continually making the staff look extremely smart.

Parents being served by Gombe Junior School Catering Team.

Tr. Claire with Nteza Paither's parent.

Tr. Jesca attending to the parents.

Usually, it’s a culture here at Gombe Junior School that children celebrate their birthdays with their friends and staff. Amber Grace Kayiwa P.1R celebrated her birthday on Wednesday, 4th June with all her colleagues, teachers and other friends from other classes. The party was indeed so colourful that whoever attended it enjoyed to the maximum as Amber served them with sodas and the cake plus other eats. Helga Najjemba Persis one of the P.7 candidates also celebrated her birthday on Saturday, 7th June with her classmates teachers and friends. The party was held from their classroom where she served the guests with the “birthday cake” sodas, sweets and lots of foodstuffs.

Amber Grace Kayiwa in the middle with her friends cutting a cake.

P.1 members who attended the birthday party singing a birthday song for the celebrant.

Helga in a black top with brothers in checked shirts, friends and classmates cut acake.

Some of the members who attended Helga's birthday party.

John Walker of Primary Four with Alexandria Nakaggwa of P.7H celebrated their birthdays on Monday, 9th June 2014 from their respective classrooms. The parties were attended by their teachers, classmates and other friends of theirs from other classes. The parties were also very interesting and enjoyable to those who attended it. Sodas, sweets and cakes were served and everybody enjoyed the party.

Johnwalker telling friends how old he is now by show of fingers.

Walker in the middle, Tobias on the left and Emma on the right cut the cake.

The celebrant in the middle cut the cake with other members on the high table.

Alexandria receiving gifts from friends.

In sports, the Soccer Academy team is still undergoing serious drills as they prepare for the forth-coming event of the Buganda Royal Shield Tournament. They are being trained by two coaches who are exposing them to various tactics and skills in soccer.

Sports results from Friday matches, Gai scored 2 goals for orange, Wade scored the one goal for red colour.Yellow won blue by 4 goals to nil. Under 12 the match between blue and orange ended in a draw 0-0 and that of red Vs yellow ended in a draw still 0-0.

That’s all we had for you in this week’s news .For God and our school. "Ssosolye bwatafa".

2nd May, 2014

Today’s news read to you by Mbogo Mark

First are the news headlines
Mega classroom block officially opened
Confirmation of the Anglican pupils by bishop
End of May exams by the door way
Soccer Academy on serious drills
Birthday celebrants enjoy with friends
Cranes emerge victorious over Madagascar

The news in details
The new Mega classroom block was finally opened officially by the Rt. Rev. Wilberforce KityoLuwalira of Namirembe diocese on Friday, 31st May, 2014. During his coming, the Bishop was welcomed a distance away from the school premises by Gombe Junior School children who were smartly matching to the sweet rhythms of the band. Upon his arrival, he was warmly welcomed by the Directors, Head Teacher and other members of staff. The whole occasion was covered by different houses of media like NBS, UBC, STAR TV and Bukedde, who broadcast what took place on Saturday and Sunday.

It was on this same ground function that the previously called confirmarts were also officially confirmed by the Rt. Rev. Wilberforce KityoLuwaliraand were confirmed as new ambassadors of Christ of the Anglican Church. The Bishop urged the confirmed to follow the ways of Christ by doing good acts like the Apostles of Christ did. The two functions were crowned with entertainment, food and beverages where all people enjoyed and rejoiced together for the great achievements.

Parents of P.7 candidates were also around and witnessed both functions as they were signing on their children’s computerized forms from UNEB (Form X).

From the Academic office, the time table for end of May Exams has been released. Pupils are therefore urged to carryout serious revision with their teachers so as to better their performance in the fourth coming examinations.
Mathematics and Social Studies will be sat for on Wednesday followed by Science and English on Thursday in the morning and afternoon respectively.

On Saturday and Sunday last week, two celebrants held their birthday parties here at school with their best friends, classmates and parents. Nampa Joselyn of P.5 R celebrated her birthday on Saturday 31st May in their classroom, where she invited one of the prefects to preside over as the Chief Guest. Kueth Kong David was the chief guest and congratulated Jojo upon her success when she made eleven years. On this same party, Mayega Frank/Mesi was called on to speak on behalf of his classmates but decided to hide under the desk.

Similarly ZamLatifaNabatanzi also celebrated her birthday yesterday, Sunday the 1st of June. The party was presided over by her mother who brought lots of foodstuffs and beverages to spice up the function. Zam turned twelve yesterday and this made her mum to organize such a big party for her to congratulate her as she winds up her Primary level. During her speech, Zam’s mother thanked Zam’s teachers for being good to her and all her friends for attending her birthday party.

This inspired Zam with her friend Ronah to sing a song for her mother together with her friends at party. Zam also promised to pay back her mother’s input by performing well in PLE. Mbogo mark was chosen to give a vote of thanks to Zam’s mum for being a generous lady by financing Zam’s birthday party and coming to celebrate with her friends at school. Mark also congratulated Zam upon her achievement and also wished her a better performance in PLE so as to please her parents.

In sports, Uganda cranes registered great victory for their country on Saturday after punishing Madagascar by 1 goal to nil at Mandela National Stadium Namboole. The victory increased their chances as they qualified to play in the next group.

Soccer Academy members are on serious drills as they prepare to participate in a tournament coming soon. Their drills are also seriously monitored by two coaches and their managers plus some members of staff.

That’s all we had for you in today’s news. For God and our school. “SsosolyeBwatafa”.


29th May, 2014

Soccer Academy members who participated in the ASPIRE trial match pose for a group photo with the ASPIRE leader and their coach.

27th May, 2014

Dear Parents/Guardians of P.7

Urgently come to school on Friday 30th May,2014 at 8:00am to sign on Form X. This will be the conclusion of PLE registration exercise 2014.

26th May, 2014

News red to you by Odrangwa Michael
News head lines
The Oumas tied a knot on Saturday.
Tobias’ birthday party.
Titus’ birthday celebrations

News in details
Last week was a nice and an interesting one, studying went on normally as usual. Our teachers are working upon the classroom environment together with the professional hired for the school.

On Saturday 24, June, 2014 Tr. Ouma Peter Merah wedded KisakyePhionah. He was accompanied by some staff members to the church that is Tr. KyomuhendoJovurace, IT manager who was the camera lady and Tr. Wamaungo David who drove the newly wedded couple.The maids were Nambalirwa Tracy, Nakayima Patricia, Kobugabe Judith, Nansamba Tracy and Alinanye Tracy.

The reception was held at Scooby-Doo Daycare and Nursery school, our sister school.The couple reached the reception at around 6:40 pm and they were given a warm welcome.
Eats and drinks were in plenty, everyone got what was enough for them.

Tobias Kyewalabye Male celebrated his 10th birthday yesterday in his classroom with all his classmates. The function was chaired by his class teacher Ms. Nalujja Jane. She asked Tobias’ friends to say something about him, Brokelyn one of the friends asked God to help Tobias improve on his handwriting so that he may excel in academics.

Thereafter, the cake was cut and served; the Head Teacher dressed his face like a birthday boy before he was served the cake. All classmates were served too and all the staff members who were present at school.

Similarly, Titus Mabirizi Kyewalabye’s13th birthday was organized in his classroom and all his classmates attended the party. The chairperson of the function was his class teacher Mr. Nabaasa Ambrose who invited the guest of honour as Mr. Wabuche Johnson. Speeches were given and there after the cake and drinks were cut and served to all the members who attended plus the staff members who were present.

Gombe Junior School is expecting the Bishop of Namirembe Diocese this week on Friday, 30th May, 2014. The Rt. Rev. Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira will arrive at the school compass at 9:00am. He will officially open the new class classroom blockand also confirm the children in the Anglican faith.

20th May, 2014

Click to see results for Mathematics Contest paper I

19th May, 2014

Here is the news read to you by Najjemba Helga Percis

News headlines
Serious studying is ongoing
Inter-house MDD practices ongoing
Tr. Ouma Peter’s introduction
The school acquires a stand-by generator
Sports news

News in details
Serious studying is ongoing, lessons are taught normally and as usual the P.7 candidates wrote their weekly exams on Saturday. This is done to help them get used to exams and to know the approach used to handle various questions.

The Inter-House Music Dance and Drama practices are also ongoing at the school and this is done according to houses that is Zebra (Blue), Tiger (Yellow), Rhino (Red), and Lion (Orange). The school is also preparing for the Zonal Music Dance and Drama competitions as this is one of the activities for Term II in all primary schools in Uganda.

On Saturday 17th May, 2014, one of our staff members by the names of Ouma Peter Merah went with colleagues, relatives and friends to Masaka district in Kisekka Sub county Kiwangala village to be introduced by his fiancé Phionah. The function was indeed colorful; we were given a warm welcome. We took the bride price as a culture in Buganda since the wife is a Muganda. Our journey was a success and this showed us that God had a hand in this function. We thank everyone for the support rendered, be it financial, physical or spiritual support.


The school is growing at a very faster rate, it acquired a heavy duty stand-by generator and it is being installed to mitigate the power shortages. We congratulate ourselves upon that wonderful achievement. We thank our Directors for working tirelessly to see that our school acquires its own generator.

In addition, the new classroom block is almost finished and it looks very unique the way it was painted and designed.
In sports news, Arsenal beat Hull city 3 goals to 2 in the extra time match on Saturday 17th May, 2014, Arsenal winning the F.A cup. Congratulations to the Arsenal funs who have waited for over 9 years to clinch a trophy.

The match between Atletico Madrid and Barcelona ended in a draw 1 to 1 goal and Atletico Madrid were crowned champions of Spain.
Madagascar beat Uganda Cranes 2 goals to 1

This is to remind you that World Cup is soon starting come 12th June, 2014, so start preparing for it. It will be held in Brazil. Click on the link to see the groups and the matches to be played on different dates.

The Head Teacher loaded a brand new machine as you can see in the photos below.


13th May, 2014.

News headlines
Kasese areas affected by floods.
Bishop’s visit to St. Mathias Church of Uganda Kikajjo-Kasenge.
Parents return children to school.
The mighty school is shining like snow.
News in details

Several people were left displaced after river Nyamwamba’s banks burst on Thursday. Several infrastructure and facilities including Kilembe mines Hospital, Katiri and Bulembia Primary School, a church and the administrative block of Kilembe copper mines, were destroyed. Many familieswere left homeless, and over three people were confirmed dead as a result.

On Saturday 10th /05/2014, the Bishop of Namirembe Diocese the Right Rev. Wilberforce KityoLuwalira visited St. Matthias Church of UgandaKikajjo-Kasenge. The function was indeed colorful and it attracted quite a good number of people of different status. Eats and drink were there in plenty for everyone.

There was also a mass service and it was on this same day that the foundation stone for the new church structure was laid by the Bishop. In addition, the Sunday school structure for the young church goers was opened up officially.

On Sunday and Monday, parents returned their children to school for term two studies. Children were so happy and excited to come back to their school due to care and the love that they get from school. We thank you parents for responding positively to school programmes.

The mighty school is now shining like snow; the school was painted in its colours that are cream, yellow and red orange. The residents of the area are so happy to have such infrastructure in their area and they are now calling it London in Kikajjo. Children and parents were equally happy and excited having found their school shinning than never before.

Serious studying is ongoing at the school campus and I therefor remind parents who have not yet returned their children to school to do so because they are already missing.


30th April, 2014.

News of the week.
The white house is almost completed.
Katikiro’s visit to Light the World Church Nansana.
Premiership sports.

The News in details
The white house of the new building has come to its final stages of completion. This comprises the Headmaster’s office, front office, Bursar’s office and offices of all deputies. The remaining part that covers the classrooms and washrooms are entering the final stages.

The Katikiro of Buganda, Owek. Charlse Peter Mayiga yesterday visited Light the World Church in Nansana. This is a church of Born Agains pastored by Pr. Wilson Bugembe. During his speech, the Katikiro, thanked Pr. Wilson Bugembe for his contribution towards the re-building of the Tombs :Amasiro”. The church displayed different styles of dress codes of different cultures.

It was on this same occasion that Pr. Wilson told the audience that he is about to disclose his fiancé to the Katikiro and the entire public. The audience cheerfully welcomed the Katikiro of Buganda.

In sports, Chelsea won Liverpool by 2 goals to nil and Arsenal beat Newcastle 3 goals to nil setting a thrilling encounter to the remaining matches the Premiership trophy is not over yet.

25th April, 2014

The electrical installations on the new class room block and finishes is entering the last phase. In addition the new administration offices the so called white house was furnished with the recent state of art furniture and look forward to start being operational come 28 April, 2014, so those wanting services from our beloved Headmaster and his administration team you have to find them there.


Registration for the new entrants is ongoing at the school compass. Feel free to come and visit us for details.

Easter celebrations, worship centers were filled up with people in celebration of Jesus Christ resurrection. Christians celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ through worship in various churches.

HE the President of the Republic of Uganda was given a selfie phone, at the celebrations to mark 100 years of West Nile in Uganda at Boma grounds, Arua Municipality. This was handled over to him by Robert Kabushenga the Director of Vision group during the launching of Urban TV in the area.

The Karuma hydro-power project, worth about Sh.4.3 trillion ($1.7billion) has commenced with the construction of two big underground access tunnels and access roads at the site.

The eight month old construction of the 600 megawatts dam was commissioned by President Yoweri Museveni in August 2013, who said 85% of the funding will be procured by Sinohydro Corporation Ltd, a Chinese firm with a soft loan from Exim bank and the Uganda government will cater for the 15%.

The two access tunnels which are to measure 1400 metres from upper stream to downstream are to be for transporting materials to the power house, according to the deputy project manager, Liu Jianguo.

Champions’ league
Sunderland won Chelsea by 1 goal to nil; Everton won Manchester United by 2 goals to nil which resulted into a dismissal of David Moyes who has been the Manager of Man-U. The board had no patience after a disastrous first season at Old Trafford.

In champions league semifinals, the match between Chelsea and Atletico Madrid ended in a goal less draw nil to nil, Real Madrid won Bayern Munich by 1 goal to nil.

18th April, 2014

First are the Headlines

  •  Children sit for end of term 1 exams
  • Final finishing of the New building in progress
  •  Friendly match between Trs. And pupils
  •  Friendly match between teachers And builders
  •  Term one closes

The news in details
It was on Thursday 10th April when children started their end of term one examinations and finished on 11th Friday. They began with Maths and SST on Thursday and ended with Science and English on Friday respectively in the morning and afternoon respectively. From the academic office, the performance is said to have been better than that of mid-term exams.

The new building is on its final stage. The finishing is progressing well making the building to look very attractive and unique.

On Sunday 13, April, teachers had a friendly match with their pupils where the match ended in 4 goals by teachers to 2 goals by the pupils. It was really interesting and funny to see fat teachers running flexibly in the field.

Similarly, teachers also had another friendly match with builders of our new building and ended their match with 5goals to 4. Teachers scored all the goals in the 1st half which frustrated the builders to the extent of hiring mercenaries to play for them in the second half. The mercenaries struggled until they equalized in the 89th minute. Just as the match was about to end in the last minute, one of the strikers from the builders’ side flooked and scored the 5th goal for them. This even prompted the referee to blow the last whistle after seeing the teachers more than serious to defeat them. The match was generally competitive and entertaining.

On Thursday 17th April, the school closed officially for 1st term holiday. However, most children never wanted to go back home since the school seemed better for them than their homes. But by 3: 00pm majority of the children had been picked up by their parents. The parents were so thankful to the school and staff for the good care and hospitality they had given to their children while at school. The school congratulates them upon their successful completion of the term. Nice Holidays.
“Ssosolye Bwatafa”


News headlines
• Serious revision starts
• Aine Arnold’s birth day party celebrated in style
• Swimming
• Where we have reached
• Premier league sports
Last week was a busy and an interesting one via academics. We had serious studies and revision in our respective classes with our subject teachers. It was really good and I know we shall perform well in the end of term one exams come 10th and 11th April, 2014.

On Sunday 6th April, 2014, all the P.1 members celebrated Aine Arnold’s birth day. It was celebrated in a unique style where Aine and his two friends gave their speeches after an opening prayer. After the speeches, birth songs were sung.

The cake was cut with the help of the school nurse and his friends, thereafter, the birth day boy started serving the cake to his classmates and staff with the help of his two friends.

As usual, we went for swimming on Sunday 6th/04/2014 to our swimming pool at a sister school Scooby-Doo Daycare and Nursery school. We enjoyed the waters, had fun under the guidance of Tr. Ambrose head of the swimming department and Tr. Emmily.
 The construction of our new class room block started some time back and it’s on the finishing level as you can see in the picture below.

Soccer academy team went for training on Saturday 6th April, 2014.

In Premiership League Sports Chelsea won Stock City by 3 goals to nil, Liver pool won West Ham by 2 goals to 1, Manchester United beat Newcastle by 4 goals to nil and Everton won Arsenal by 3 goals to nil.

 31st March,2014

News headlines
Prefect’s elections held
Marathon race takes place
Mega sports day takes held by the Mighty school
Liver pool roasts Totenham (4-0) Chelsea 0-Crystal-P 1
Arsenal 1 –Man City 1
The News in Details

It was on Wednesday, 25th March, 2014 when the successful contestants were voted by ballot. Various posts had a lot of competitors from which only one candidate was declared the winner of each post after counting the votes which were cast. From the electoral commission, the chairman says, the elections were free and fair. Congratulations to the successful contestants. The following candidates with their respective posts make up the new prefects’ council for the academic year 2014-2015. Click on the link to download a list of successful candidates whose names are in bold and ticked. Prefects' Body 2014/2015

On Friday the 28th of March, Marathon/ cross country race was conducted. This was highly competitive among the four house colours. It was divided in two shifts of under 16 and under 14 boys and girls respectively. The maps for the routes to be followed were drawn and pinned up by the teacher in charge a day before the actual day for the event.


This kept people’s hearts on tension waiting for what would come out of the race. Finally, the awaited for day came and the athletes were set to go round their routes in their respective age groups. By the end of the event, Yellow colour took the win with 256 points, Orange came in the second position with 248 points, followed by Red with 231 points and lastly blue with 147 points. Yellow took the lead in the marathon race.

The Mighty School “GJS” held its very first Mega Sports Day since its Alpha. The occasion was held in the school’s new field on Saturday, 29th March, 2014 from 8:00am-4:00pm. The function was presided over by Mr. Beyamba Buzale, Director, parents who have children at Gombe Junior School, other invited guests, all members of staff, community members.

A variety of entertaining and competitive activities were exhibited by children from different age-groups. Children competed in a field and track events like races, sprints relays jumps parade display motorbike show and many others
Arafat Mbazira, one of the P.7 candidates entertained the entire crowd when he skillfully rode a motor bike round the field as he manipulated all the techniques to the viewers.

The military parade display also entertained and excited all the viewers as they tactfully matched like army men and women being instructed being instructed in Swahili. This amazed all parents, teachers and members of the community when children did something that is trained for over nine months in just two weeks training.

Parents were also  challenged and decided to have a competition with the staff members. They competed in 100m race for females and 100x4 relays for the male staff. Surprisingly the teachers won both races.


Four teachers were from Scooby-Doo Daycare and Nursery School acted as officials and receivers in all events, spearheaded by Mr. Mukwaya from St. Bruno P/S Kasenge.

After all activities had been done, marks were totaled and Lion House of oranges colour emerged the overall winner of the competition followed by Yellow, Red and Blue came in the fourth position.
 Three trophies of different sizes were bought as gifts for the first, second and third houses. The biggest trophy was given to the overall winners, medium size to the second house and the small one to the third one as seen below.

Orange members with their patron excited with their trophy.

Kang from Yellow colour receiving their trophy

Red members receiving their trophy

Gold, Silver and Bronze medals were given to the 1st runner ups, 2nd runner ups and 3rd runner ups in each event respectively.

Gai Gatwech emerged the best runner of the day among boys with three Gold Medals while Nyajima as the best runner among girls who also took three Gold Medals.

Generally, the entire sports day was full of fun, competition, entertainment and excitement. Great thanks goes to the Directors, Administrators, Staff, Children and Parents who graced the function and made it successful.

In premier league sports, Liver pool won Totenham by 4 goals to Nil; Crystal Palace beat Chelsea by 1goal to Nil while Arsenal ended in a 1-1 draw with Man City.
That’s all I had for you thank you.

28th March,2014

 Click here for Election Results 2014

24th March, 2014

News headline
The Mighty School wins zonal Athletics competitions.
News in details
It was on Friday, 21st March when the Mighty school went to participate in the zonal athletics’ competitions which were held at St. Bruno Kasenge P/S playground. These competitions were among twenty primary school in areas of track and field events. The competitions were very tight and hard to predict the winners before the activities ended.

Like the school slogan says “we are the giants” out of the twenty school which competed, Gombe Junior School emerged the overall winner of the competitions. This was achieved out of the treamendous tireless performance of our only Kiprotich in the names of Gai Gatwech Gai the son of Gatwech, who took the first position in all the races he got involved in. this gave the Mighty School a powerful victory beyond reasonable doubt.

Gombe Junior's Kiprotich in the names of Gai Gatwech Gai leading the race.

Besides our Kiprotich, people like Gwantamu Patience, Mutyaba Michael, Victor David, Odrangwa Michael and many others contributed whole-heartedly towards the victory which was attained on that day.



Victor David


After the declaration of Gombe Junior School as the overall winners, the teachers, matrons and the only participants who had remained at pitch shouted cheerfully in celebration for the victory. This team moved from the field singing songs of victory and praising the mighty school.

Upon their arrival at school, it was hotter than the hottest, when they were cheerfully welcomed by the rest of the school children, administrators, matrons and the security personnels.

People danced without seizing while some teachers and pupils were drumming until the Headmaster also came and joined cheerfully while hooting in his car. The Director later joined and celebrated the victory together with the staff present and congratulated them for the victory.



22nd March 2014

Gome Junior School won the Zonal Athletics competitions at St Bruno Kasenge. There were  20 schools which participated in the competitions and we thank God for our victory. We were all filled with joy and excitement after announcing us as winners as seen in the photos below.

Participants posing for a group photo.

For more pictorial information about this day click on the sports page and keep watching for a detailed article on Monday 24th March, 2014.

17th March, 2014.

Good morning dear listeners.
Today’s news is read to you by Mbogo Mark.

  • First are the news headlines
  • Maths contestants go for the competitions
  • Children & teachers prepare for Midterm exams
  • Boarders taken for swimming
  • Soccer academy team goes for training
  • Premier league sports

News in details
Members of the math contest went for the awaited-for competition which took place at Makerere University Maths Department in the physics lab. These children were under the guidance of Mr. Warugaba, the head of Maths Department, Mr. Kagezi Franco, Tr. Elly, and the IT Manager spearheaded by the Head Teacher of the Mighty School.

From reliable sources, information revealed that the children of the Mighty School were the smartest on scene as they appeared in the only uniquest ceremonial wear.

After writing the papers, the members of the contest were taken to the Leisure Park of Makerere University for Snacks, refreshments and lots of fun. Our informer said the edibles and refreshments were more than enough to the extent that members of the contest with the teachers could not finish them up.

Children getting snacks and refreshments.

They later posed for a group photo at the main building.

As usual on Sundays’ all boarders were taken for swimming at our sister school Scooby Doo. They all enjoyed to the maximum and returned to school safely. Before going for swimming, they had enjoyed a very delicious meal of chicken, rice, spaghetti and matooke. All this was successfully conducted under the supervision and guidance of Tr. Elly, Tr. Kevin plus some matrons.

As we approach time for Midterm exams, teachers were in serious revision with their learners as they prepare for the event. Pupils are therefore urged to become serious and committed so as to attain better scores in exams.

In sports, the soccer academy team went for training with their coach to keep themselves physically fit. Tr. Eugene, Tr. Elly and Tr. Wabuche also featured in the field for physicals.

In premier league, Arsenal won Totenham by 1 goal to nil, Liver pool won Man U by 3 goals to nil and Aston Villa won Chelsea by 1 goal to nil.

Thank you for being good listeners.
For God and Our School.
“Ssosolye Bwatafa”

Today’s News is read to you by Odrangwa Michael

  • News Headlines.
  • Lent period and Ash Wednesday.
  • Women’s day celebrations.
  • Visitation day.
  • Day scholars go for swimming.
  • Sports day preparations.


Lent period for Catholics and Anglicans began on 5th March, 2014. This marked the beginning of their 40 day fasting period. On this very day, Ash Wednesday was also commemorated, where the Catholics and Protestants went to their respective churches to attend Ash Wednesday service.

Children being briefed before they go for the Ash Wednesday Service.

Children moving out to go for Ash Wednesday Service

Since lent period exempts Catholics and Protestants from eating meat on the day when the lent period resumes. We had chicken on our school menu on Wednesday, and some of these people including staff members never tasted on that Day.

Similarly, these people are exempted from eating meat on Fridays. This brought some changes in the school menu where the Friday meat was changed to Thursday.

Saturday 8th, March, was an International Women’s day. This was celebrated in a unique style here at Gombe Junior School. We had Women’s day challenge, where all classes presented different items as allocated to them. These included:
-Mimes and Dance by P.1

-Traditional Dance P.2

-Aplay by P.3

-Acrobatics, Karate and Kungu fu show by P.4

-Ballet DANCE BY P.5R

-Poet Recital by P.5H

-Latin American Dance by P.7R

-Hot Comedy by P.7H and lastly

-Hip hop dance by P.6

 Primary 6 emerged winners of the challenge and were rewarded with a crate of soda from the Head teacher of the Mighty school.

Sunday 9th March (which was yesterday) was a V.D for the Mighty School. A lot of parents swarmed the school in large numbers beyond our expectation. Local food, snacks and drinks were available and a lot of children were seen gulping large chunks of food in their mouths, as the food seemed very delicious. Children who were not visited were seen shedding tears but were consoled with teachers and administrators who later gave them food and drinks to enjoy together with their colleagues.

On Wednesday 5th March, Day scholars went swimming to our sister school Scooby-Doo. They enjoyed themselves under the supervision of Mr. Wakoko, Mr. Nabaasa and Madam Nagudi Claire. Most children enjoyed while those who saw waters for their first time seriously cried but later got used and swam together with their friends.
Alinanye Tracy P.1, Eunice Nabadda P.1 and Budiiku Timothy seriously cried and alarmed when they entered the pool for the first time.

In sports, the entire school is preparing for the sports day and children were taken to the field to perfect the activities to be exhibited on the awaited aday.
Children participated in different races, throws and relays

There was also a serious competition among matrons in 100m and Matron Nakiwala Brenda for Kiprotich Dormitory emerged the wine.
Stay tuned to the Voice of Gombe Live on Monday at 8:30 am
For God and our School

News 3rd March 2014.

News headlines

  • End of February exams
  • Sports for lower primary
  • Athletics for upper primary
  • Airing out of end of February results
  • Swimming

News in details
We had a busy day last week especially on Wednesday and Thursday when we wrote our End of February Exams. On Wednesday, we wrote Mathematics in the morning then Social studies in the afternoon and on Thursday, we wrote Science in the morning then English in the afternoon.

As the school programme is set, every Friday is for sports or athletics in the afternoon hours. Those in the Lower Primary had games like chair dancing. Teachers chair danced to show children how they were supposed to move. Teacher like Aishar, Jesca, Cathy, Claire and Jane chair danced while Tr. Aida was drumming for them. The first person to leave the game was Tr. Cathy because she had missed a chair and the winner was Tr. Jesca from red colour.
The children also started chair dancing following what the teachers had shown them.

Those in the Upper Primary had athletics and they were organized according to their colour that is yellow, blue, red and orange. This involved using of buttons where the first group was supposed to give the buttons to the second group and then the third group finished the round.

On Saturday, 1st March, 2014, we had a general Assembly which was called purposely to announce End of February results. The second item on the agenda was to read out the names of those who were best per subject and per class. This was followed by announcing the best five and the last five pupils in each assembly. Then after, the names of those in the 4s club were also announced for recognition. This assembly caused tension amongst pupils and some of them cried for not being amongst the best and others cried for being read amongst the last pupils.

Children on the assembly ground

P.5H was the best class in End of February Exams 2014

Surprisingly Tr. Kyomuhendo Jovurace was called to pray for the last five pupils in all classes and those who had started crying thinking that they were going to be caned wiped their faces.

For more details about End of February Exams click on academic page

As a routine, we went for swimming on Sunday evening; we enjoyed the waters since the weather was hot throughout the day.



News 28th February 2014

St. Paul’s Cathedral Namirembe was fully packed yesterday 27, February, 2014  by friends of the late Godfrey Mabirizi who came to pay their last rest to their beloved business man.
Godfrey Mabirizi was born in July 1962, went to Agankan and Pillaius S.S.S. He was a married man with ten children and loved his children too much.
The late Godfrey was whole seller businessman dealing in rice and sugar and real Estate Development.
The city tycoon Godfrey Mabirizi had been battling with an illness for quite some time. He breathed his last on February 25, 2014 as they rushed him from his home in Naguru to Mulago hospital.

Godfrey Mabirizi’s body will be laid to rest at his ancestral home in Nabingo today February 27, 2014.

25th February 2014.

Here is the news read to you by Kabagambe Priscilla.

Some of the children on the assembly

News headline
Friday prayers
Lower section organize games
Athletics for upper section
Terry’s birthday party
P.7 Parents meeting.

News in details
 Last week was a busy and an interesting one, and this was due to different activities that were in it.

Children match to their classes

Friday is always a day for prayers at Gombe Junior School from 12:00noon to 1:00pm. These are performed according to different denominations that is Catholics, Anglicans, Seventh Day Adventists, Born agains and Muslims.

Seventh Day Adventists with their leader Mr. Kasumba Jackson during prayer hour.


Anglicans listening to the priest.

On the same day, we normally have sports and this term is basically for athletics. The lower section played their games from our field and these included shopping of a variety of scholastic materials, kicking of penalties etc.

Girls in Lower Primary shopping scholastics

Kazibwe Jackson running to kick the penalty

Those in the upper section also did their games in a different field. They had real athletics where two groups were organized, the first group started the running and the second group finished the round. One person was chosen to represent each colour in that competition.

Girls from each colour get set

Terry’s birthday party was celebrated on Saturday 22nd February, 2014 in his class with all the classmates. Sodas and a cake were served to all who attended the party, and all the staff members were served from wherever they were. The Head Teacher was served while putting on cape like that of a birthday boy.

Terry serving his brother Tobius on the extreme end and his friend Paither

Terry serving the Head Teacher.

On the same day, we had the P.7 parents’ meeting where the teachers promised parents 100% first grades if at all parents, children and teachers co-operate. Parents were advised to be role models to their children and also encourage them to work hard to attain better grades.

Choir members sing the Anthems (EAC Anthem, Uganda National Anthem, Buganda Anthem and the School Anthem.)

Parents singing anthems

For God and our school
“Ssosolye Bwatafa”


19th February 2014.

We are just from the field now and we have seriously practiced in so many games such as, bottle filling, letter arrangement etc. These are shown in the photos below.

Children picking letters

Mugga in yellow and Banaba in blue running to fill the bottles with water.

Competitors getting water from the buckets

Children cheering their colour representatives.

Tr. Aida announcing the winner in that group.

Assembly Time

Children on Assembly

We usually have presentations on the assembly grounds and this time, it was P.5 mebers to present.

P.5 Members presenting on the Assembly

17th February 2014.

News Read to you by Michael Odrangwa
News headlines

• Studies going on
• Children go for athletics
• Frog racing for Lower Primary
• Multiple jumping
• Kicking penalties
• Soccer team goes for training
• Swimming competitions

News in details

Good morning our dear readers, we are again back with the news of the week.
As usual, serious studies are going on at the Giant school and indeed we are enjoying the school academically.

Children are seriously practising in athletics. On Friday, 15th February 2014; we went to the field for athletics since this is a term for that activity. We started with running from one goal post to another in our colours, and then later, we ran while jumping huddles. This was still arranged according to colours.



Children in Lower Primary also had their activities like frog racing where four pupils were selected from colours and arranged in lines to frog jump. Teachers also stood in lines to act as finishing points and records of the best performers were being taken by Tr. Claire.


Similarly, they also had multiple jump competitions which were arranged according to their colours. They jumped using one leg at a time.

They also had another activity of kicking penalties for both boys and girls. The girls had their own goal keeper called Nymea, the boys similarly had theirs called Gum. Terry was the first person to kick the penalty.

The soccer academy team went for training as usual; they were smartly dressed in their nice jerseys.

As a school routine, we went for swimming on Sunday, 16th February, 2014. Luwandaga Shammah P.4 and Nyariak Janet P.7 won the competitions. We really had fun and enjoyed the waters of our swimming pool.

11th February 2014

  • Serious Studies going on
  • Birthday celebrations
  • Swimming lessons
  • Athletics practice
  • Soccer Academy members goes for practice.

Last week was a busy and an interesting one. We had serious studies and those who have not yet reported to school, should do so because they are really missing most of the important things in academic.

It is in this same week where we had birthday celebrations for two pupils in the school that is Nantongo Aisha P.7 and Nazziwa Emily P.4. We therefore encourage parents to plan for their children’s birthdays because Gombe Junior School values such days very much.

Nazziwa Emmily P.4

Nantongo Aisha P.7

Emily’s birthday was celebrated on Saturday, 8th February, 2014 in her class and all her classmates attended the party including all her teachers. The cake and the drinks were served to all people who attended and all staff members who were present at school on that day.

Similarly, Nantongo Aisha’s birthday was celebrated on Sunday, 9th February, 2014 and it was nice and interesting. All her classmates attended and the teachers who were present also attended. In her speech, she thanked God for granting her the twelfth year and her dad who is the Head Teacher of the school for making for her such a nice party.

The Head Teacher in his speech advised Nantongo to behave well, work hard and get a first grade if she wants to celebrate her birthday next year. Failure to do so, she will again celebrate it in S.4.

As usual, we went for swimming on Sunday at Scooby-Doodaycare and Nursery school our sister school. We really had fun and those who had never stepped in the waters of a swimming pool, did so on that day.

On Friday, 7th 2013, we went for sports. This time round it was athletic based, we were divided according to our houses (colours) that is Red, Yellow, Blue and Orange. We began to practise in athletics according to our colours. It was fun at the same time good for our bodies as far as our health is concerned.

Red colour

Yellow colour

Blue colour

On Saturday, those in the soccer academy went for football practice at the field. They started with jogging at the school, then after went for practice.



6th February 2014.

  • Gombe Junior School excels in PLE results.
  • Teachers’ goat roasting celebration.
  • Children report to school.
  • 1st day assembly

Gombe Junior School excelled in PLE 2013 result where 18 children passed in Div. I and 13 in Div. II. Remember this was our first year in existence and those were our pioneer candidates. We thank God for that wonderful achievement. This is evidenced by Red pepper, Bukedde newspapers of 3rd February 2014.

Teachers celebrated in a style towards the success of their children. The Directors offered a goat to appreciate the work done by the teachers towards the success of the pioneer candidates 2013. Thank you teachers for your hard work and the love for the school.

Goat roasting celebration

The reporting dates were 2nd and 3rd February 2014 for both boarding and day pupils respectively. Most of the children in boarding reported on 2nd February, 2014.

Parents registering their children with Class Teachers

Children in boarding had their first assembly on Sunday evening, 2nd February, 2014 where the Head Teacher briefed them on various issues like creating friends that is old children should treat new ones well, show them toilets and showers etc.

The Head Teacher addressing the children on the assembly.

He also asked for a volunteer who could lead them in a prayer where one child amongst the new comers from P.1 called Kayiwa Daniela Jean came out and led the rest in a prayer.

Daniela leading others in a prayer

Children praying

1st February 2014.


The 2013 PLE results were at last released on Friday, 31st January, 2014 by the Education Minister Jesca Alupo. The results were handed to the Education Minister by the UNEB chairman, Fagil Monday. However, statistics show that there has been a slight decline in performance compared to the previous year.

Education Minister Jesca Alupo receiving the PLE 2013 results.


The pioneer candidates, directors, parents and staff of Gombe Junior School were yesterday overwhelmed with joy on receiving the PLE results of their 2013 pioneer candidates. Parents and their excited children swarmed the school this morning to have a look at their results with great joy and happiness.

Teachers sending sms' to get P.7 results yesterday.

The results were as follows; we had 18 children who passed in Division I and 13 were in Division II

Children excited about their results.

Some of the parents arriving.

The school had organized a music system which entertained our parents and candidates as they jubilated for the good performance exhibited by the candidates.

Head Teacher, Parents, Children, and some Staff members dancing.


The excitement and jubilations were covered by different journalists from the media houses. Journalists from UBC TV and NBS TV were present and took coverage of all the joyous and excitement scenes that transpired during the celebrations.

Maxwell being interviewed by journalists from NBS TV.

Jajja Acksam Ndawula who sat exams while sick responding to a journalist.


Gratitude to the parents for their endeavoured support during the preparation period of our candidates.

P7 Pioneers checking  their results on the Noticeboard.

Further more; we thank the Head Teacher, administrators and the entire school staff for their tremendous contributions towards the excellence of our pioneer candidates.  Ssosolye Bwatafa. And in a special way we thank the Directors for the continued support throughout the year.

 News of the week.

• Reporting day to school
• Geofry weds Irene
• NRM day
• Sports

Children in boarding section are reporting back to school on Sunday 2nd February 2014 starting at 10: 00 am and those in day on Monday 3rd February 2014 staring at 7: 00 am.

The long awaited day for the wedding of the two musicians Geofry and Irene came on 25th January 2014; this time round it was not in town like what other celebrities have been doing, it was rather taken to Rakai District where these two come from. This made it colourful and unique.


Yesterday 26th January 2014 was NRM day; it was on this day that the NRM party came into power. The celebrations were meant to mark 28 years and were held at Mayuge District Head Quarters. On this same day, some soldiers were promoted to higher ranks in appreciation of their work. People were encouraged to carry out fish farming since it’s an enterprising business and can help to improve on people’s incomes.

In sports, male staff members from Gombe Junior School had a friendly match with the corporate team which trains from Cylas courts. The corporate team were of different professions that is Engineering, Law, Teaching, Business, Security and corporates from Buganda Land Board. The first half ended when the corporate had 2goals to 1. In the second half, Gombe Junior School staff scored their second goal and the corporate their third goal. All in all, the corporate won Gombe Junior School by 3 goals to 2.

Gombe Junior School Staff members jogging.

Agroup photo for players on both sides.

They also decided to go in for friendly penalties where Gombe Junior School scored 5 goals to 9 goals.

Players running to find the ball.

22nd January 2014.

News Headlines.

  • Construction.
  • Paddy Bitama's burrial.
  • UPDF to remain in South Sudan.
  • Vision columnist succumbs to cancer.
  • Sports

I am again back with the news of the week. This week our construction is still moving on well, and we would like to appreciate our constructors for the good work they are doing. Renovations are also going on as seen in the pictures below.

Last week, DNA results concerning who the real father of the late Paddy Bitama is, were revealed to the public on Saturday. This followed the confusion that was caused by the two gentle men who claimed to be the father of the deceased. It was proven that the real dad to the deceased was Mr. Kasozi and therefore arrangements were done to take the deceased to the ancestral grounds for burial at Mitala Maria.

General Katumba Wamala, the Chief of Defence Forces (CDF) said that the UPDF will remain in South Sudan till peace is restored.
However, the army spokes person, Lt. Col Paddy Ankunda, in a separate interview said that nine UPDF soldiers were killed and twelve others were injured. The fallen soldiers and the casualties were all picked in a battle of Gemeza, about 75KM from the town of Bor on January 13th 2014.

The E. Africa’s veteran newspaper columnist, Jerry Okungu died yesterday at the Mpshah Hospital in Nairobi following a prolonged battle with prostate cancer. The deceased has been a marketer by profession, and writing a Friday column on regional affairs in the New Vision for almost 10 years. May his soul RIP.

In sports, Chelsea won Manchester United by 3 goals to 1 goal and all the three goals were scored by Samuel Etoo, Hernandez scored the one goal for Manchester United.

Arsenal won Fulham by 2 goals to 0 and these were scored by Santi Carzola, Man City won Cardify by 4 goals to 2 goals, Tottenham Horspur won Swansea by 3 goals to 1and these were scored by Adebayor.

CHAN Results
South Africa played with Nigeria and it ended in a draw 1-1 goal, Mali won Mozambique by 1 goal to 0and Burundi won Mauritania by 3 goals to 2 goals.



News of the week 15th January 2013.


  • 2013 Gombe Junior School contributes towards the Royal Tombs “Amasiro”
  • Construction moving on successfully
  • Comedian Paddy Bitama dead.
  • Car accident on Wakaliga road.
  • Sports

Good morning every body, last week had too much of sad news than interesting one.

On Tuesday, 14th January 2013 Gombe Junior School visited Nsangi Sub County Head Quarters to offer our contribution towards the Royal Tombs called “Amasiro” besides participating in M.D.D competitions like others thought.

The Head Teacher hand shook with the Katikiro of Buganda Kingdom Owek. Charles Peter Mayiga.

Of course as a giant school in Nsangi Sub County Wakiso District displayed magnificent smartness in its Staff Uniforms, their School Van and their heavy Masiro contribution of half a million shillings in cheque form.

The Head Teacher signing to get a receipt after handing in  our contribution in a cheque form

The school had the opportunity to interact with dignitaries like Owekitibwa Charles Peter Mayiga the Katikiro of Buganda Kingdom, the Busiro East MP Medad Ssegona, MP Rose Sseninde, LCIII Chairman Nsangi Su County all promising to visit Gombe Junior School in future.

Staff Members pose for a group photo with Owek. Charles Peter Mayiga.

Staff Members interacting with the Busiro East MP Hon. Medard Ssegona.

We crowned the event by interacting with different media houses like Bukedde News paper and finally returned to school.

The good news is that our construction work is going on well and the ground floor and the 1st floor are almost finished and the constructors have already started on the 2nd floor. We thank the Almighty God who has enabled us move that far.

Our structure.

The sad news in the week was that Uganda lost one of the prominent comedians Paddy Bitama, who died of skin cancer at Mulago Cancer Institute. It was so sad to all Ugandans when the Media announced the death of Paddy Bitama of Amalura family. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

Paddy RIP

Similarly, there was sad news of a car accident on Wakaligga road which claimed lives of so many Ugandans.

In premiership, Chelsea won Hull City by 2 goals to 0, the goals were scored by Hazard and Fernando Torres.
Manchester United won Swansea by 2 goals to 0, Man City won New Castle by 2 goals to 0 and Liver Pool won Stoke City by 5 goals to 3 goals, the two goals for Liver Pool were scored by Suarez.

In CHAN, the match between Morocco and Zimbabwe ended up in a draw, South Africa won Mozambique by 3 goals to 1 goal, and Uganda won Burkina Faso by 2 goals to 1 goal which were scored by a 19 year old Yunus Ssentamu all way from Masaka.

The match between the Uganda Cranes and Burkina Faso.

 10th January 2014.

Registration of new pupils is in progress, feel free to come and visit the school for more details.

The ground floor and the first floor are almost finished as you can see in the pictures below.

News 4th January 2014.

  • Staff party
  • Appreciation message from staff
  • Construction still going on
  • Christmas festive
  • New Years Eve

Happy New Year to you all, I wish to welcome everyone back to their offices and places of work. Those who lost their beloved ones, friends and relatives, we pray that God comforts you and may their souls rest in eternal peace.

Friday 20th December was a day for staff party, it was really good and we had fun. Staff from various companies attended this party that is staff from Gombe Junior School, Scooby-Doo Daycare and Nursery School, ROTMA electrical and Estates together with friends and neighbours to these companies.

Gift sharing was another activity at the party as you can see in the photos below.


We had musicians who entertained us on that day and these include Coco Finger and Ziza Bafana. These entertained us through singing and dancing and they were joined by some of the staff members.

Head Teacher and other staff members on the dance floor.

Head Teacher interacting with one of the artists at the party.

Survivers from Juba also attended the party, we thank God for saving their lives.

Survivers  dancing at the party (Above)

Eats and drinks were there in plenty and everyone made a choice of what to drink according to their desires, we had sodas, wines, beers etc. in addition, whole fish and chips with salads were served to everyone who attended the party. Later, we were served with chicken, roasted matooke, chips and salads.

All the staff wish to appreciate Mr. and Mrs. Kyewalabye Male David for the love and care that you give to them and for organizing for them such a colourful party. This is because there are very few bosses who appreciate workers physically.

And in a special way, Gombe Junior School staff wish to extend their sincere appreciation to you for the Christmas package that was given to all workers in the school.

Construction of the new class room block is still going on successfully and the ground floor is almost finished and they are now proceeding with the first floor as you can see in photo below.



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