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The quality of education and pupil performance are strongly dependent on competent teachers and good school management. In order to attract and retain good teachers, Gombe Junior School is investing in measures to improve teacher training and career prospects.
Teachers have various opportunities for continuing professional development. The school aims at  boosting the number of teachers. Improvements in teacher training programmes should also ensure that new teachers meet the requisite quality standards.

The school is also working to improve teachers' moral, for instance in the future, the school will also be able to award bonuses. Performance-related pay systems are currently being piloted.
Teachers are even better equipped for their work. Teaching approaches can be further improved by results-driven teaching and adapting teaching methods to pupils' individual needs. But school management is important, too.
Managers are responsible for creating a good work climate, including good HR and remuneration policies. Over the next few years, school management will be given support in order to become much aware of how their school is doing and where improvements can be made.