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GOJUS is and started as a private sole proprietorship school with 150 pupils in February 2013.

They are now 250 girls and 148 boys in lower, middle and upper sections.

It was mainly started to address gaps that existed among sounding private schools in central Uganda.

Quality, authenticity and creativity in child learning and upbringing led the school towards her strap line of INNOVATION DRIVEN LEARNING.

Our school carries a voice of influence in Education market because of our innovative approaches which mark our school as different, dynamic and future focused.

We have boldly  challenged the traditional and status core of education, we place high value on individuality, excellence and creativity.

Our school foundational beliefs include;
1. Real life connected curriculum
2. Making learning visible
3. Having a strong school culture
4. Future focused with a lot of digital opportunities with in our programmes to enable possibility.
The school occupies 5 acres which includes a play ground, Multi-Purpose Games Arena(MUGA), Storage classroom block tilled classrooms, white boards, CCTV camera network 24/7 wireless internet facility, Self contained dormitories, a well laid refectory for meals and assemblies.

We have registered pupils from a number of nationalities with in Uganda and beyond.

For the past 3 years of Education service delivery, GOJUS has steadily risen among top schools in academic excellence and infrastructural development.

The facilities, practices  and professional standards blend with demands of education in the 21st Century.

GOJUS is one school with a Nursery section called SCOOBY-DOO DAY CARE AND NURSERY SCHOOL and High School St. Andrew Kaggwa Gombe High School - Kawaala  on a separate site.

Despite the increase in a number of day scholars, the school still uses vans and not coasters and buses to transport children, one can imagine the convenience this brings.