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This is the "News -31st December, 2014."

News Headlines
  • End of year Staff Party Held
  • School Infrastructural Development in Progress
The News in Details

The Directors of Gombe Junior School and its sister School Scooby Doo organized a mega End of Year Staff Party for all their group employees on 18th December, 2014 at the pool side of Scooby Doo campus. The party was so interesting and colourful in that all people enjoyed till late in the night.

During the party, lots of food stuffs, snacks and all types of drinks were served without limit. People ate, drank and danced together with their friends. It was on this same party that people exchanged gifts with their friends of the year. Every member of staff had bought a gift for the chosen friend.

After the exchange of gifts, a hot dance was opened and people enjoyed themselves. The party was also made more colourful when a prominent Uganda artist (David Lutalo) joined later and entertained the members.The party was also joined with other invited guests who came and enjoyed together with the staff members.

As our schools continue growing bigger and better, serious construction is going on at Gombe Junior School as a way of bettering its Infrastructural outlook to suit the standards needed. The classroom block has been completed and a new dining block also being erected. Great thanks go to our Directors for this great investment.