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Pupils' Welfare

At Gombe Junior School the welfare of our children is so good in that while with us, the child is at a home away from home.

The school provides a well balanced diet with all the African dishes prepared:

We feed our children on; Rice-posho, matooke, sweet potatoes, Irish potatoes, cassava, while our sources range from Beans, Beef, chicken, Fish, Gnuts, and greens.

We also provide our children with fruits such as pineaples, oranges, sugarcanes, water melon plus boiled water.

Our children are also given early morning tea, midmorning break tea and evening tea 

On top of the good diet even preparation is done by proffesional personels. So the child misses nothing from home.

We also provide free several activities like swimming, using school swimming pool, trimming pupils' hair, soccer Academy, computer lessons and many more.

Upon admission, a child is entitled to all the necessities that he/she may require for her learning e.g. uniform in pairs, matress, bathing/washing soap, shoe polish, bathing sponge, scolarstic materials such as books pens, pecils mention it all.


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