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Mission Statement:
Gombe Junior School is a leader in providing world-class, holistic education in a multi-cultural setting, inspiring and equipping pupils to be life-long learners, to reach their full potential and to be responsible global citizens active in shaping the future.
Action Steps which are in bold are scheduled for implementation in the 2013-17 school years

- Continuous development of technological infrastructure both in academics and administration.
1.1 - School-ICT manager position established to improve oversight and management of the ICT systems.
1.2 - Ubiquitous access provided to ICT systems to enable users to access the right tool, for the right task at the right time.
1.3 - ICT Professional Development ensured for all teaching staff to utilize technology to maximize student learning.
1.4 - Improved provision of technology to increase its use in the support of pupils' learning.
1.5. We also intend to role out E-learning system for our children

- Ensuring international best practices in learning and teaching.
2.1 - A shared understanding of international best practice is established throughout the school community.
2.2 -Support mechanisms and appraisals are developed to ensure that all teachers are excellent educators who motivate and enable pupils to succeed in their learning.
2.3 - Best practice for language learning is established andprovided for throughout the school.
2.4 -Pupils with specific learning needs are supported by strengthened admission procedures which are matched by appropriate OLC provision and differentiated classroom instruction.
2.6 -Revised assessment policies and practices shall be ensured,and provide evidence of international best practice in teaching and learning.
2.7-Authentic learning experiences are established throughout the school which allows pupils to interact more meaningfully with in the school, local and global community.

  -Providing pupils with a comprehensive array of services and extra-curricular opportunities.
3.1 - A comprehensive and goal-oriented after school activities programme that reflects the mission of the school is offered.
3.2 - Effective guidance and counseling that is responsible to the needs, interests and culturally diverse background of pupils and promotes their overall well-being is provided.

  -Publicizing and celebrating our successes and achievements within the local and national community.
4.1 - Positive awareness of Gombe Junior as a school of excellence created with in the wider community.
4.2 - Positive school spirit generated by interactive communication, active participation in, and ownership of the school’s success and achievements by pupils, staff and parents.
4.3 - Informed empowered and involved school community acting as advocates for the school.
4.4 – A distinctive, coherent and consistent school image that is easily recognized and has a positive association is developed.
4.5–Gombe Junior School’s active and constructive involvement in initiatives in the wider
Ugandan community is publicized and celebrated.

-Strategically, optimully and transparently managing our finances, assets and human resources.
5.1 - Financial policies, plans, and management systems strengthened to support long-term financial stability and the mission of Gombe Junior School
5.2 - Option of developing Gombe Junior School as a three-stream school in order to accommodate growth in enrolment and build Gombe Junior School's long-term revenue base explored.
5.3- Continued exploration of building staff houses to offset rental costs.
5.4 - Proactive and effective oversight of school expansion and infrastructure development.
5.5- All staff understands, feel involved and are committed to Gombe Junior School Mission, Beliefs and Objectives
5.6 - All staff development is planned and meets the needs of the individual and the priorities of Gombe Junior School. We will continue to allocate 2% of operating budget to staff development following existing priorities.
5.7–Gombe Junior School has a competitive salary scale and benefits package for all employees that attracts and rewards outstanding teachers and staff.

 - Having a purpose-driven campus that is environmentally user friendly.
6.1- A master plan created for the long-term development of expansion of an environmentally friendly school.
6.2 - A Science and Technology Centre built.
6.3 - An Arts Centre, including visual and performing arts, built.
6.4 - A Learning Resource Center that meets the needs of all users built.
6.5 - Steps taken to reduce the negative environmental impact of our current facilities and enhance the natural environment of the campus.
6.6. Establish state of the art accommodation facilities
6.7. Acquire modern means of transport preferably a coach.
6.8 Maintain the most committed intelligent and hard working staff.