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The school curriculum complies with the requirements of Ministry of Education & Sports, the Uganda National Curriculum Development Centre and UNEB but also employs international practices.
The curriculum aspires to the highest international standards and supports individual needs and talents.
The school aims at equipping each child with “Holistic Education”
The school is result oriented but balances up with extracurricular programmes.
Boarding children travel light as the school provides all requirements including shoes.
We do not give daily homework instead project work is given on weekends.
We enable pupils set goals, develop critical thinking skills, creativity, independent and public speaking.
We instill moral values and strong character in our children.
We are non denominational and provide religious instructions to all children.
We offer computer lessons to all
our children (e-learning) .
We teach languages like French, Swahili
and Luganda.
Global partnerships with SAI International School and KIIT in India
Children and Staff International exchanges.







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